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Why Swap

Less Capital Expenditure

Franchise Options Starting from 7 Lakhs.

High Margins

Profit Margin of 20%.

Great ROI

Breakeven Period is 13 Months.

Healthy Food

Healthy Food isn’t something that one has to dream about, it is something that one should adopt. Swap is for those committed people who would run to make those dreams a reality.

High growth rate

A 2.5X increase in every quarter leading to a #1 fastest growing health food chain in Andhra Pradesh.Low investment, High capital gains and high ROI makes us the best franchise to invest in this period.


Every item is carefully curated and prepared based upon the nutrition. At swap macronutrients are of utmost importance.
So each item comes with a macro nutrient chart attached to it which gives a clear nutritional aspect to the food that you eat.

Cloud Kitchen

The name itself represents that we don’t have unnecessary overheads that drain out our pockets every month.Our Goal is simple, to place healthy food on every table at the comfort of your home,office and any place you wish it to be.

Financial Information

  • Franchise Fee: ₹3,00,000 INR per Kitchen (per 8-year term)

  • Royalty: 3.0% of monthly gross sales

  • Advertising Fund: 2.5% of monthly gross sales

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