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5 Simple Ways You Can Shift To Healthier Food Habits

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or tough. Even taking small steps towards your goal will help your health. Here are a few simple ways to pursue healthier eating.

Don't get thirsty

Don't wait to feel thirsty to drink water. Keep hydrating yourself throughout the day with water. If you find it tough to drink 1.5L of water everyday, incorporate some juices and smoothies in your daily life.

Rainbow plate

An easy way to boost your veggie intake is to have different colors on your plate. Some green leafy vegetables, red tomatoes, spices, nuts, seeds, grains, etc. The more fresh and different colors you can add to your meal, the better!

Breakfast is King

It's vital that you eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. It boosts your glucose and energy levels so you don't feel tired throughout the day. Having a filling and healthy breakfast is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Less Sugar Lesser Salt

By all means have snacks and desserts, but in moderation. Adults should have only 6 grams of sugar a day and 1.5-2.5 grams of salt (about one to two teaspoons). It's okay to indulge sometimes, but do not make excess salt and sugary foods a habit.

Remain consistent

Some days, you might feel like eat unhealthy food; that's human nature. But keep on track and set goals for yourself. Once you start eating healthy, you will feel the rise in energy levels and overall goodness in your body. So don't quit and keep it up!

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