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Do You Know What's In Your Food?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

In your opinion, do you eat clean?

-Yes - Not sure - No


Our food, air, and water are not 100% clean but we can try our best to make a conscious effort to know how good your food is. Why should you eat unclean if you wouldn't drink dirty water?


The simplest way to explain this is to have minimally processed foods. This means cutting out excess sugar and refined carbohydrates like white bread.

Make an effort to consciously eat foods that add nutritional value to your body, instead of taking them away.

A simple trick to following a nutrient-rich diet is to have as many different colors on your plate as possible. Fruits, greens, and vegetables are excellent sources of minimally processed foods high in nutritional value.


Your meal should fill your stomach up to 80%. Eating whole foods is the best way to keep your energy stable throughout the day.

Swap bread or cereal in the morning for oats! Swap refined grains for whole, fiber-rich grains like oats, barley, and brown rice for cleaner, more nutrient-dense carbohydrate options.


While shopping outside, make sure to check the ingredients. Even though some labels say their food is healthy or organic, the labels speak the truth. Excessive amounts of carbohydrates or trans fats are harmful to your body in the long run. And just because packaged food claims to be high in protein or rich in minerals, it can't have unhealthy amounts of carbohydrates (sugar) or excess salts. Keep that in mind next time you shop for groceries.

Swap makes eating clean and healthy super easy. Our wide range of meals are calorie counted, so you know exactly what you're having! Order now or get your own custom meal plan today!

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