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Here's how you can beat your sugar cravings

Sugar is one of the tastiest, most addictive things on the planet. It's almost unavoidable to us because it's everywhere! Avoiding sugar or cutting off sugar is hard because we have been consuming it all our lives. When we feel sad, we turn to sweets to comfort us and when we feel happy we choose to celebrate with sweets. It's become a part of our social life as well as our personal life. But too much of anything is never good.

If you feel an unmanageable pull towards sugary foods and drinks too often. You might have an unhealthy addiction to sugar. Here's how you can manage it before it wreaks havoc on your health:

Eat a fulfilling meal

Don't turn to junk food when you feel hungry. They do not satiate your hunger or provide energy for a sustainable period of time. When you eat whole foods and a well balanced meal, these provide a stable supply of energy instead of a sugar rush and crash.

Take a walk or go on a run

When you feel the urge to eat something sweet calling, run; literally! By going on a walk, run or physical activity, our brain releases endorphins, the feel good chemicals. This can help turn the craving off for a period of time.

Manage your stress

If you turn to food to help you out of a stressful headspace or an emotional time, you're building an unhealthy bond with food. Be conscious of what is triggering your stress. Engage in stress management techniques like yoga, meditation or physical activity to help beat it the triggers causing you to turn to sugary substances as a coping mechanism.

Healthier alternatives

Feel like eating a sugary dessert, eat fruits or drink a smoothie instead. Fruit smoothies have the natural sweetness of the fruit! When you feel like adding sugar to something, try adding jaggery or stevia.

Sugar can harm the body and you will not realize it until it's too late. So keep your cravings in check and turn to healthier options, like Swap! Our healthy, yummy, and filling meals start at just Rs.169. Try them now!

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