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Here's why you need smoothies in your diet!

Protein is necessary to strengthen your muscles, improve skin and hair and also boost your metabolism. An adult needs around 0.8-1 grams of protein per kg of body weight per day. So a 50kg person requires about 50 grams of protein per day. An average egg has 6 grams in protein in comparison.

It's not just about protein though, it can be said about most vitamins and minerals. It's tough to reach the daily suggested intake for the good nutrients everyday. That's why drinking them is an easier way to hit all the nutrition goals.

Benefits of juices and smoothies:

Time saving

When we're in a rush to get to college or get to work, we barely get time to prepare our meals, much less make sure we have enough of all the nutrients. Here, smoothies and juices take a maximum of 10 minutes to prepare, make and store.

Easy to carry

We can take and sip on these healthy drinks anywhere! Be it while we walk to our daily commute, or in our college or office. It's a super yummy way to keep yourself hydrated and hit your nutrition goals.

Decreases risk of chronic illnesses

Consuming a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables drastically reduces risk of developing illnesses and improves overall health.

Helps manage food cravings

Smoothies are an easy way to provide energy to your body throughout the day. When we feel like snacking or grabbing something unhealthy to satiate our cravings, smoothies can come to our rescue! They're healthy and pack loads of fiber which helps your stomach feel full so you don't turn to unhealthy snacks.

With all these benefits, you'd miss out if you do not include smoothies in your diet! We make it easier for you by providing fresh and healthy smoothies whenever you need at pocket friendly prices! Choose our meal plans and set the worries of planning your meals everyday away!

Happy Swapping!

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