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Is it true that FITNESS is all about gaining?

Would you call hiking a fitness routine? Do you think that a mere 10-15 minute walk everyday is not enough? Is fitness just about hitting the gym? Let us help you answer these questions with this blog.

From yoga to walking or hiking, fitness is a huge term. It cannot be defined by just gyming or doing deadlifts.

Fitness is about what you can gain. It's important to gauge success emotionally rather than numerically. It aims to enhance one's physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Additionally, it's important to move in a way that makes you happy so you can continue for a long time.


Practising yoga is the best way to get rid of those daily stresses and difficulties. It has a way to release the muscles, and to reverse the reaction to your stress. Yoga helps in training one's mind not to be so habitual.


Everything in our behaviour is connected across all disciplines and facets of life. It is about finding excellence in everything despite how small or big the task or project is. Same goes for fitness. Even if it is a 10 minute walk daily, it still makes a difference.

If you have a busy schedule and cannot follow a proper exercise routine then prioritise a 15-minute walk or stretching session at some point during that day.

To keep your body moving throughout the day and week, try including a few extra exercises. Over time, even a few more minutes of activity here and there build up.

We know that it is a difficult task to maintain a good routine and it can seem overwhelming when you first start to exercise, but once you start following a routine then there’s no looking back.


Hiking may provide everyone a sense of empowerment in addition to a number of health advantages.

According to studies, spending 120 minutes outside each week is crucial for general wellbeing. Increased exposure to greener regions will undoubtedly reduce obesity and heart disease.

In addition to providing time for contemplation and meditation, hiking has been shown to considerably lower the risk of depression and improve mental health. Additionally, this can drop blood sugar, making it an excellent low-impact exercise for people with type 2 diabetes.

People need nature, and they cannot afford to let fear prevent them from experiencing it, whether they are hiking the trails, relaxing on the beach, or satisfying their curiosity with a trip or vacation now and then!

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