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Is Organic always Better?

The organic market continues to grow as people become more health conscious. Organic food is grown with minimal or no pesticides and other synthetic substances. This type of food is better for the environment. But is it really better for our health?

A seven year study following 70,000 French adults found that those with the highest consumption of organic foods had a 25% reduced risk of cancer over the seven years of the study. Although this might not prove an exact relation between organic food and low risk of cancer since there are several variables, it does show that there is some merit to organics.

But just because chips, ice creams or other fast foods are labelled organic, doesn't mean it's healthy for you. It only means the ingredients do not have synthetics, but they do have unnecessary calories.

Making a Healthy Choice Can be Easy

At the end of the day, you should consume your daily nutrients even if they aren't labelled organic. But if you do have an organic option available to your usual meals, it's better to adopt that into your routine. After all, a healthier alternative never hurt anybody.

The new generation shifted from white bread to wholewheat or brown bread. Quite a lot of people opt for brown rice over white rice nowadays. So choosing healthy and organic food is another step in being the master of your own body and taking care of what you put in it.

Swap's meals are rich in organic ingredients like our vegetables! Shop our healthy meals today, and make a better choice for your body.

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