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Ordering vs. Cooking?

If we all had the skill and patience to cook, we would. But in this increasingly fast life, most working people have deemed cooking food themselves optional. Do you usually cook, or do you find yourself ordering most of the time?


There is just something about making food you love from your own hands. Even if you can't cook, our mother's dishes are always remembered fondly. Meals made at home always have a comforting feel to them. You put in exactly what you want, to your flavor, in as much quantity as you wish.

Knowing exactly what goes into your food gives you control over your health and body. After all, you can customize any dish you're making to make it healthier.


Swiggy, Zomato, and others have made ordering so much easier. You don't have to prepare the ingredients, but if you find yourself ordering unhealthy food, maybe you need a switch-up.


There are so many places to order from, which makes it even more important to choose the right one. Most restaurants do not provide consumers with any information about the ingredients or macros. So how can we trust them with our health?

Thankfully, Swap provides you with the essential details you need about what you're putting in your body! Our calorie-counted meals are tailored to help you make healthy choices. Our customized meal plans take the burden off of deciding what to make or where to order from.

Ordering from the right place is vital for your mind and body. Make the right choice.

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