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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Want help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? You have diabetes and you still want to consume rice but cannot. Should you be avoiding rice just because you don’t want that carb in your body? The solution to all these problems is Brown rice. Although Brown rice is expensive, it comes with several health benefits. It contains all the essential nutrients that are required by our body. White rice tends to lack these nutrients as it is a refined grain that has the essential parts removed hence making it easy to cook.

Brown rice is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It helps in reducing heart disease risks and also helps in preventing diabetes. Brown rice has high levels of magnesium, which makes it healthier. Brown rice meals are much better and healthier than white rice meals. They are like A CHERRY ON THE TOP

Here are some brown rice bowls from our kitchens:

· Grilled chicken meal box

This delicious meal box is made by layering high-protein super-grain grilled chicken on top of flavorful and nutritious brown rice. You can also add your favorite cooked vegetables. It is very healthy and nutritious.

· Paneer meal box

This wonderful dining box is a treat for vegetarians. It consists of a grilled Super Grain Paneer with your favorite cooked vegetables layered on top of flavorful and nutritious brown rice.

Swapping white rice with brown rice is the best healthy choice one can make to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you like these meal boxes then what are you waiting for, order one for yourself today from our kitchen!

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