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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Salad - an interesting bowl of boring veggies!

Do you think that eating a healthier diet is complicated or time consuming? Want to make it easier? Just add a tinge of salad to your life. Salads can be prepared from very basic ingredients that can be available around the world, and get your taste buds tingling.

Whether it’s a tiny green broccoli or kale, just add them to the salad and voila! You get the most appetizing salad bowl.

A main course salad is equivalent to a whole meal and can contain all the nutrients required by an individual on a daily basis. A salad is not just veggies in a bowl, it also contains fruits.

Perks of a wholesome salad-

Raw green veggies and fruits are high in fibers, an essential nutrient which is often ignored in daily meals. Fibers help maintain bowel movement and lower the cholesterol levels.

2. Rich in vitamins and minerals

Leafy vegetables are a good choice for a healthful diet because they contain low saturated fat and are naturally low in calories and sodium. Meaty salad can contribute by adding thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

3. Helps to cut down fats

Salads are high in fiber and low in saturated fats (major reason for obesity), additionally salads contain less or no sugar except for natural sugars.

4. Keeps the water levels up

Green salad and fruit salad contain green veggies and fruit mostly which are high on water . These can help you rehydrate your body and also get the required nutrients.

From a simple mixed salad in ancient Europe to mouth-watering caesar salad, salad has come a long way. There is no full stop when it comes to modifying a salad. At-home salad consumption in the 2010s was rising but moving away from fresh-chopped lettuce and toward bagged greens and salad kits, with bag sales expected to reach $7 billion per year.

At Swap we got an amazing range of salads, with customizable dressings as per your taste buds.


This salad is a low calorie, low carb grilled paneer tossed with farm-fresh lettuce, onion, tomato and coloured capsicum, with your choice of dressing.


A low calorie, low fat-hand-picked mushrooms dressed with a sprinkle of seasoning and tossed with fresh bell peppers, lettuce, onion and tomato with your choice of dressing to make your salad more appealing.

So, order yours today!

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