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Updated: Sep 19, 2022


Are you a fitness junky? Do you have a serious workout routine? Or whether you are just a newbie in the gyming world, healthy food and drinks are the best fuel for the body. But this blog is all about fitness and our choice of healthy drink - smoothies.

Cardio exercise gets your blood pumping. Cardio is not just about running, it can be anything like dancing or brisk walking - as long as your heart rate is elevated and you sweat it, that cardio is worth it.

Cardio also helps in lowering your blood pressure for almost 24 hrs. It also strengthens your immune system as well as supports your mental health. For good cardio you can start with a pre- and post-workout like providing fuel to the body. Smoothie is an ideal drink for this. It is easily portable and customizable.

You might be wondering how a smoothie helps with cardio? Here’s how.

  • Prevents heartburn and nausea.

  • Provides heap of antioxidants that are conducive to good heart health.

  • Help with weight loss without causing calorie deficiency.

  • Helps to refill the body with necessary salts loss due to intense exercise.

  • Helps in promoting muscle recovery (protein smoothies).

Depending upon the intensity of the cardio that you are doing, you can customize your smoothie to give you the right amount of macronutrients.

Customized smoothies might sound like too much work, but no need to worry, swap has got it covered with its wide range of smoothies for different needs which are pre-customized with nutrient labels to help you choose the right smoothie for you!

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