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What is fitness? It’s not just about being fit and losing weight, it’s also about gaining stamina, flexibility, and more.

Fitness helps you in improving your viewpoint, confidence, and provides you with courage. Once you start finding your niche in the fitness world, that’s the time when you can really see the true meaning of “fitness” and hence you get the motivation to continue working on yourself for a longer time.

Whether you are a gym freak or a newbie in the fitness world, your body needs fuel to get ready for the workout. But how can you provide that fuel?

Just prepare a bowl of a healthy salad. Now this might get you thinking that how can a bowl of salad be a good pre- and post-workout fuel? Here’s how.

One of the finest methods to give oneself a good nutrition boost after working out is through salads. But without the proper toppings, salads may easily turn into an uninteresting mound of lettuce devoid of protein, healthy fat, or even carbs.

A substance called "nitrates" is present in most salad vegetables, particularly spinach and other salad greens (lettuce, arugula, bok choy, etc.). Nitrates aid in the formation of proteins, particularly in the muscles, making them stronger and more effective. It appears that Popeye from the beloved cartoon got it right all along.

Exercise may not be your top

priority when you wake up in the morning. However, starting your day with a walk, whether it's in your neighborhood or on your way to work or school, provides your body with a range of health benefits.

It helps in:

  • Boosting your energy

  • Improving your mood

  • Helps to lose weight

  • Prevents diseases

  • Improves your immune system

  • Improves mental clarity

Taking a 15-20 minutes walk works like magic on your body. Brisk walking helps in improving your cardiovascular system and you feel so fresh.

We know that it is difficult for some people to fit the fitness schedule and include our beloved salad bowl in their busy lives, but not to worry, Swap is here to help you in managing your schedule and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

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