The Future of Healthy Food

At Swap,We are building a Sustainable way of healthy living serving healthy,nutritious meals around the City.
A Wide Range of Menu backed by Top Nutritionists and Dietecians,
Working towards making healthy food affordable and accessible in india & in the world. 

One Store - Many Revenues

A Customer will Order Food from your Outlet through our online aggregators – Swiggy,Zomato and many more.Thanks to our Omnichannel presence.If he likes the food,(He Actually Loves it..!).And want to consume healthy food everyday,he can subscribe to our Diet packs – Weekly and monthly,or if he has a Diet plan and needs the same diet to be prepared and delivered,we can be that too,paving way for multiple revenue streams.

All of this, also on a seamless E-commerce website that will drive more revenue to your Cloud kitchen.

Superior Support

Right from kitchen designing,Menu SOP’s,
Procurement and Ordering of Raw Materials,and
regularly updated menu by inhouse R&D,owning and running a
Swap Kitchen is a well choreographed routine.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A passion towards sustainability and a growth mind-set are what we are looking for. An Swap franchisee must imbibe our values, be hands-on with the business and enable growth for the people working at the stores.

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Swap with its vast network of certified vendors will set up the store end-to-end. The Kitchen staff and Front Office staff will undergo our extensive training. While the actual operation of the store lies with the franchisee, Swap will continue to supervise, maintain and supply the necessary resources required for the day-to-day operations. On top of this, we will aid the franchisee in planning and executing marketing campaigns, logistics and delivery fulfilment.

Swap relies on a 2 tiered quality assurance system. The first is a customer / shopper based system, where we periodically collect feedback from the customers. Second, we conduct regular unscheduled quality reviews at the Kitchen to provide operational excellence feedback to the franchisee team. Franchisees must meet specific operating standards as part of the franchise agreement.

There is a strict standard procedure to Prepare Food at Swap franchise store. Only items supplied or approved by Swap can be Cooked / sold at the store. We place extreme importance on the quality of the product that we supply at our stores and expect the franchisee to adhere to the same.

Swap does not provide any financing, however a number of financial institutes have expressed their interest in lending to potential Swap franchise investors. We are happy to provide necessary documentation required by the franchisees to file such requests.

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