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Do Detoxes Really Work?

In the past few years, detox often gains popularity every few weeks. Many people on the internet suggest different detoxes to achieve different goals. Let's learn what detoxes are and how you can know if one is healthy.

What is a detox?

In the most literal and medical sense, detox means removing toxins from the body. Medically, it meant removing any harmful substances from a person's body which is causing immediate harm. But in the health sector, detoxing has become more about "purifying" the body. Our body has whole organ systems in place to help us detox, primarily through our urinary system and digestive system.

Detox has taken on the role of a weight-loss promoter. Lots of celebrities endorse detox tea which can make you lose a few pounds quickly. This is what you need to keep an eye out for. If any product guarantees rapid weight loss which is not backed by medical professionals, it's not good for your body.

How to have a healthy detox

The best way to detox would be to make it easier for your organs to carry out their day to day functions. This can be made possible when you have an overall healthy lifestyle. If this feels challenging to you, just take it one step at a time. Here are a few ways to help your body become healthy again:

  • Sleep for 7 hours a day

Sleep is when our body rests and repairs. This is the time our body prepares itself for the next day. So good quality and good quantity of sleep is essential

  • Have plenty of water

Water is not just for thirst. It improves the overall functioning of our body. Every system in our body needs water and hydration to run smoothly. When you drink enough water, your kidneys and digestive system's job become easier.

  • Eliminate your bad habits

Alcohol intake harms your liver. The liver helps process and store energy from your food. Smoking is very well known to harm your lungs, but it also harms your throat and mouth. These habits make it harder for your body to repair itself and work properly. But the good news is that your lung function improves even after just one day of not smoking.

  • Fuel for your body

Your body needs energy to run. Sugar, salt, and caffeine might provide an energy rush but it only last for a short time. This rush is followed by a crash where you feel more drained than before. Whole and healthy foods provide stable energy throughout the day which helps you sustain yourself. So choose carefully what you put in your body.

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