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Pay attention to your digestion!

Our gut is like our second brain. It has more neurons than our spinal cord. Sometimes when we're nervous, we feel "butterflies" in our stomach. But when our gut is unhealthy, it can slowly affect our overall health

Here are some signs that you have an unhealthy digestive system:

  • You feel more tired than usual

It was found that around 50% of people who feel fatigued had irritable bowel syndrome.

  • You have trouble sleeping

An unhealthy gut leads to poor quality of sleep. This in turn causes more fatigue. If there is bacteria or inflammation in your gut, your sleep will be affected.

  • You are unintentionally gaining or losing weight

Imbalances in your digestive system cause problems to your body when it is trying to absorb nutritious substance or even to regulate blood sugar. This will affect your metabolism which causes your weight to change.

  • You have frequent mood swings

Poor gut health or inflammation leads to irritability and can even lead to anxiety or depression.

  • You have frequent migraines

It was noticed that a lot of people who experience nausea when they get migraines, also have digestive issues.

What can you do about it?

If you found yourself having multiple of these signs, it might be time to check your lifestyle. Here are some things to keep which might help you regain good gut health

  • Limit salt and sugar

Excess salt and sugar cause inflammation in the gut. Control your cravings or use healthier alternatives to sugar like jaggery.

  • Be hydrated!

Hydration and fiber are super helpful in helping your digestive system run smoothly. So try to get your daily intake of water and fiber!

  • Include probiotics in your diet

The easiest way to do this is to eat curd and yogurt. They are rich sources of probiotics which improve gut health

  • Move your body

Having a sedentary lifestyle negatively impacts overall health, including your gut health. By exercising daily, even lightly, can significantly improve the level of healthy microbes in your body, improves sleep quality and regulate bowel movements.

  • Do your best to reduce stress

Stress is the silent killer, even 30 minutes of meditation everyday can help manage stress. But stress affects our complete wellbeing, so try different types of stress management techniques and stick to the one which you like the most.

And last but definitely not the least, you can not have a healthy gut if you're not having healthy food. Be mindful of what you're putting in your body. Know exactly what you're eating with our calorie counted labels which give you every detail you need to know about your food!

Happy Swapping!

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