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4 easy ways to include fruits in your diet!

Fruits are the yummiest natural sources of a variety of vitamins and minerals. They are ready to eat but getting our daily dose of vitamins just from fruits is tough.

For example, adults need around 2000 mg of potassium per day, and one banana provides around 400 mg. In our busy routine, eating five bananas per day is challenging and repetitive. So here are some fun and easy ways to consume fruits and their nutrients!

Make fruits a habit

An easy way to track how many fruits you eat is to have one fruit before every meal as a small snack. You can switch between the fruits you have on hand and eat different fruits every meal. This way, you get other vitamins and minerals from other fruits.

Keep fruit handy

Fruits only occupy a little space. It's easy to pack them in a portable container. This is a quick snack you can opt for instead of something unhealthy. Be mindful to store them in an air-tight container to preserve maximum freshness.


Smoothies are tasty, easy, and portable. They are the best way to get a variety of vitamins and minerals at once. You can mix different fruits, fruits, and veggies and have a healthy and delicious drink anytime, anywhere.

The best part about smoothies is that they are so easy to consume. Instead of finishing it at once, you can sip on a smoothie drink throughout the day. ( P.S: We made this quick and easy drink even faster and healthier.)

Top your meals with fruits

A generous topping of apples or pomegranates on your oatmeal is a great way to start the day. Including a healthy amount of fruits gives you the much-needed natural sugar boost to help you maintain energy throughout the day.

You can do this with any meal, any fruits, and improve on it by adding a side serving of raw vegetables!

Worried about preparing ingredients and cooking healthy everyday? We have various healthy and pocket-friendly breakfast and meal options, including smoothies! Swap Now makes your daily schedule easier, so you can eat healthier.

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